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How Much Does a Bullion of Gold Weigh?

The allure of gold has captivated humanity for millennia, symbolizing wealth, power, and beauty. When discussing gold, especially in the context of investment and wealth preservation, the term “bullion” often surfaces. But what exactly does this term mean, and importantly, how much does a bullion of gold weigh? Let’s delve into the nuances of gold bullion, shedding light on its weight, significance, and the standards that govern it.

Unpacking the Term “Bullion”

Gold bullion refers to gold in its physical form, either as bars or coins, which is valued by its weight and purity rather than its face value as currency. It serves as a direct investment in gold, with its price closely tracking the market value of the metal itself.

Standard Weights of Gold Bullion

The weight of gold bullion is commonly expressed in troy ounces, a historical unit of measure still used today for precious metals. One troy ounce equals approximately 31.1 grams. However, gold bullion doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all; it varies significantly in size and weight.

Commonly, gold bars, the quintessential form of bullion, are produced in weights ranging from one gram to over 400 troy ounces. The most frequently traded gold bars weigh 1 oz, 10 oz, 1 kilogram (32.15 troy ounces), and 400 oz.

The 400-Ounce Gold Bar

In the world of gold trading and investment, the 400-ounce gold bar stands as the iconic benchmark. These bars, often referred to in the industry as “Good Delivery” bars, must meet strict criteria set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Weighing about 12.4 kilograms (or approximately 400 troy ounces), these bars represent the gold standard, quite literally, in terms of weight, purity, and trading.

The Significance of Purity

In addition to weight, the purity of gold bullion is crucial. Good Delivery gold bars, for instance, must have a minimum purity of 99.5% gold. This purity level enhances the bar’s value and ensures its acceptance in global markets.


In sum, when we ask, “How much does a bullion of gold weigh?” we’re delving into a topic rich with variety and steeped in historical convention. Whether it’s a 1-ounce coin or a 400-ounce Good Delivery bar, gold bullion represents a tangible connection to the enduring value of gold.

By understanding the standard weights and purity of gold bullion, investors and enthusiasts can navigate the gold market with greater insight and confidence.

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